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1,225,644 Reasons to Vote This November

Non-presidential election years always suffer from low voter turnout. Yet, important positions, especially local ones, are determined during these elections. This year we have the many positions up for election ranging from Auditor to a Representative in the US congress.

One would think there are enough important positions to warrant a vigorous turnout, but if not, consider this…the total compensation paid to the winners of these positions is over $1.2 million per year.

Many people think that these are unpaid positions but nothing could be further from the truth. Using the most updated information from Transparent Utah we find the following gross compensation (salary + benefits):

  • US House of Representatives – $174,000
  • Utah District 53 – $26,000
  • Council Council – 2 seats – $35,000 – 42,000 each
  • Assessor – $128,000
  • Attorney – $158,000
  • Auditor – $124,000
  • Clerk – $123,800
  • Recorder – $125,600
  • Sheriff – $125,600
  • Treasurer – $116,700
  • School Board – 2 seats – $23,000 each

Note: Compensation can vary a little based on what benefits a person chooses to receive.

So while some people call elected positions thankless jobs, and they can be at times, we as tax payers do provide them thousands of dollars in thanks every year.

So if you can’t figure out a reason to vote, you could at least take solace that by voting you are deciding who wins a pretty nice lottery.


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