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Thank you Park City Fire District

Just after 4PM this afternoon lightning struck the hill above Jeremy Ranch Elementary school. I received a call from my neighbor telling me that a large fire had started. He said it was about the size of 4 pickup trucks. As I raced home, which is about a quarter-mile from the fire, I thought of all the things I could lose: my dog, my house, my memories.

By the time I arrived home a few minutes later, the Park City Fire District was already on the scene. As the fire crested the ridge and headed toward homes in Jeremy Ranch, the firefighters worked diligently. The firefighters are still working, but as of now, no homes seem at risk.

I’m not sure that would have been the case without them.

Our local governments often receive a lot of complaints; however, I have been nothing but impressed with the Park City Fire District, Sheriff’s Department, and Park City Police Department. They have our backs…

And on an afternoon that was almost 90 degrees, when it hadn’t rained in weeks, and a fire is a 1/4 mile from your house… you are very thankful for these people.

So, thank you Park City Fire District for all you do.

Here are pictures from today’s fire:

At least two fire trucks and a tanker truck were on the scene, along with EMTs, and Sheriff’s deputies.
The back side of this ridge was much more burnt by the fire than front side (shown here)
Personnel started by stomping out the fire, then used hand tools, and finally used water
Even after the water, it seemed like the fire kept burning

Even the animals fled the fire. About 5 or 6 deer came down from the ridge




Harry Ainsworth

Great report that is making me feel ill.


Glad you’re safe.

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