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Top 10 Suggestions for Homestead Road

Homestead Road construction between Pinebrook and Jeremy Ranch is a disaster. While we usually don’t like to tell people what to do, it seems the contractors doing this work may have never done road construction before. So, we thought we’d offer some advice:

  1. Don’t begin construction at 8:00 AM, when everyone is going to school.
  2. Don’t block off the main road out of Jeremy at 7:45 AM.
  3. Perhaps workers should use STOP and SLOW signs to direct traffic, you know like you see in every other road construction project, instead of whatever little, red flags they seem to wave in every direction at all times.
  4. The construction company may want to take out extra insurance. From the looks of what almost happened to two bikers who were almost hit today (both with kids), they are going to need it.
  5. If the construction company is going to install stop signs, they may want either use them or take them out. Using them one day and then not for a few days is kind of confusing.
  6. Your employees may not want to yell at drivers who are frustrated by the fact that you keep people stopped for ten minutes while you let other traffic continually go by.
  7. Summit County may need to get someone to manage this group of construction workers. Every day we think we have heard or seen the worst, but now we only expect it to get more depressing.
  8. Maybe work should be done at night, you know, when there is no traffic.
  9. Summit County, please don’t let this construction company work on the roundabouts next spring, summer, and fall. That would be a disaster to the 10th power.
  10. … and for everyone who has to bike or drive this road every day: pray it’s done before December.

Good luck out there.

Hi, I’m Josh Mann and I write most of the Park Rag. I’m running as a write-in candidate for Summit County Seat E. If you enjoy what you read here, consider writing my name in this November. I want to bring the same energy, logic, and critical view to the Summit County Council that you read here. More information on my platform can be found on my website.


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You nailed it here. Construction usually seems to be done pretty well in Utah, but the projects this summer just seemed to have all gone off the rails – Kilby obstacle course (Object lesson in how to make a bike lane less safe than just riding in the road), chip sealing a newly paved hwy 248, Tanger roundabout (going to Whole Foods from Pinebrook? It’s just not worth it), Highland drive chip seal gross negligence sending several cyclists to the ER, and of course everything you said about homestead.

Is everyone at the county/ UDOT just phoning it in?

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