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Do you ever lose faith in the people of Park City?

Reading the Park Record Police Blotter this week, the top entry was about four calls to the Police department about potholes. What?

Who would call the police about potholes? My god.

Maybe they just weren’t getting the response they hoped for from Public Works. Maybe they personally brought this up to City Manager, Diane Foster, and got no response. Then the only recourse they felt they had was to call Andy Griffith, I mean Wade Carpenter, and report the issue.

Come’on people. You make us look less than intelligent. That’s putting it mildly.

I know, I am going to get the hate mail saying, “By God, you just didn’t see the size of that pothole. It could swallow a whole child! Why do you hate children?”

Nevertheless, the phone number for Park City Municipal Streets and Lights is (435) 615-5306. If you are past the White Barn and you see a pothole call Summit County Public Works at (435) 336-3970. If you are on a trail and see a pothole, call Basin Rec at (435) 649-1564.

Just please don’t call the police or sheriff. Someday you, me, your friends, or your family will wish they weren’t investigating potholes.


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