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What Does a $22 Million Investment in Mountain Accord Buy? Control.

Let’s say you and your friends decided to start a business. You have come up with the greatest idea EVER on a new dog toy, but it’s going to take a huge investment to build your production facility in Park City. You are going to need $27 million dollars to build the factory, create marketing, pay employees, and get it into every Barking Cat store in the United States. You have $400K you can put into it. Your buddy Jason has $200,000 he’ll invest. All of your 11 other friends have a total of $5 million to put into it. Then there’s your uncle Mortimer … he has $22 million to invest. Sweet, you have your $27 million.

But what color do you make this fabulous dog toy? You like RED. Todd is fond of GREEN. Your other friends like BLUE, PURPLE, YELLOW, and ORANGE. Your Uncle Mortimer likes BROWN.

What color will the dog toy be?


Is it any different with Mountain Accord? No. Who is scheduled to donate $22 million to Mountain Accord? Utah Department of Transportation (UDOT) — via the State of Utah.

He who controls the money… controls the future. At least we now know who is in charge.




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