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2500 Accounts From Park City are in the Ashley Madison List

You may have heard of Ashley Madison, the website which helps arrange extramarital affairs.. They were recently hacked and 30 million accounts were exposed by a group of hackers that are still at large. As you can imagine, this is a big deal because it deals with infidelity — and lots of it. Lest you think Park City is immune to that sort of thing, it appears there were approximately 2500 accounts setup on the site that were from Park City.

If we figure that the Snyderville Basin has 25000 – 30,000 people, that’s about 10% of the population! Wow. It’s likely some of these accounts are duplicates or are from people visiting for Sundance. So, the numbers from Park City locals may be a bit smaller than 10%.

The list appears to contain emails from all walks of life from area small businesses, to local celebrities, to Park City schools, to government officials.

To be fair, the email addresses listed were not verified by Ashley Madison. So, they could have been made up. That said, there are some interesting names on the list that you would recognize.

I’m not going to print any email addresses, as the Park Rag isn’t in the business of ruining lives and more importantly it’s none of our business. However, I will offer a Pro Tip. Next time you sign up for something like this, do it with a made-up Gmail account like instead of .



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