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The $7 Million in Additional Capital Outlays Requested by School Administrators

The Park City School Board is considering $57 million in capital outlay requests. Previously we listed the $50 million in requests that were each over a million dollars. Here are the remaining $7 million of requests that will be considered:

Location Project Amount Requested School Rationale/Explanation/Comments Person Requesting
District wide Update School Lunch Computer Program $66,000.00 Need to replace school lunch computors and programs Elizabeth Srasser
District wide Radon Gas testing in all Buildings $10,000.00 Testing is needed in all buildings Todd Hansen
District wide Add Wood Chips to Play areas $15,000.00 Need wood chips added for fall protection Colby Pearce
District wide Roof Repair $50,000.00 Needed roof repairs district wide Colby Pearce
District wide Painting $40,000.00 Repair and Paint walls district wide Colby Pearce
District wide Energy Conservation Upgrades $75,000.00 Change over to LED lights Todd Hansen
District wide Recycling upgrades $100,000.00 Add designated recycling areas to all schools Todd Hansen
District wide Safety needs $100,000.00 Door safety barriers, finish hanging blinds and emergeny shut down for HVAC systems. Todd Hansen
District wide Asphalt and Slurry Coat /Restriping $350,000.00 Parking lots are in bad shape Todd Hansen
District wide Tune Boilers in all schools $50,000.00 Tune and clean boiler tubes in all schools Colby Pearce
District wide Yearly Inspections $35,000.00 Yearly Inspections Fire Sprinklers, Boilers, Elevators, Kitchen hoods, Grease traps. Todd Hansen
District wide Add (C.O.) Carbon Monoxide Alarm System to Existing Fire Alarm. $110,000.00 Update fire alarm system to include carbon monoxide to meet state law Todd Hansen
PCHS, TMJH, EHMS Refinish Gym Floors $25,000.00 Done each year Colby Pearce
District wide Add Weathertrak Sprinkler Clocks $200,000.00 Sprinkler clocks that will save water monitoring weather, water line breaks and valve problems. Todd Hansen
District wide Contingency $500,000.00   Todd Hansen
District wide Internet Filter $50,000.00 We need to look into our internet filter and see if it is adequate for our needs. Time to update Joe Stout
District wide Switch Updates $100,000.00 We have several network switches that need to be replaced with faster connections. Joe Stout
District wide Update Firewall $120,000.00 Our inside firewall will be going out of maintenance this year and needs to be replaced Joe Stout
District wide Backup Storage Solution $50,000.00 Our old backup unit is in need of replacement. Joe Stout
District wide Security $30,000.00 Setup one building with a classroom security system to let office and 911 know there is a problem. Joe Stout
District wide Video Storage $15,000.00 Our server that holds the video surveillance along Kearns Blvd. needs to be updated. Joe Stout
District wide Server Updates $30,000.00 We have several servers that need to be updated this year. Joe Stout
PCHS Update Hardware $60,000.00 AutoCAD system needs to be replaced Joe Stout
PCHS Wireless Update $70,000.00 Update the High School Network to the Latest Wireless Standards Joe Stout
PCHS School News Digital Feed $15,000.00 Needs to update the way the school news is captured so other buildings can view it. Joe Stout
PCHS Concrete Bleachers for Baseball and Softball fields. $40,000.00 Currently Baseball and Softball fields do not have any bleachers fans need to bring there own chairs or sit on the wet grass. Jamie Sheetz
PCHS Replace Basement Windows in Home Economics Departments $15,000.00 Basement Windows have been exposed to landscaping sprinklers and have been a leaking problem for several years. Colby Pearce
PCHS Add 4 Pole Lights along sidewalk On North West Side of School. $10,000.00 It is very dark in the mornings and dangerous for the students. Colby Pearce
PCHS Salter for Komatsu Skid Steer tractor $5,000.00 Salter for skid steer will save time Colby Pearce
PCHS Need New Floor Installed in the Freezer $10,000.00 Freezer floor is starting to buckel and is a safety hazard Colby Pearce Elizabeth Strasser
PCHS Exhaust Fans for Science Labs $20,000.00 Need exhaust fan system to rid labs of potentially harmful fumes to students and staff Bob O’Connor
PCHS Dozier Field Perimeter Sidewalk and Fence $100,000.00 Safety concerns with event and crowd management during Dozier Field activities, no barriers to separate participants from fans and bystanders. Jamie Sheetz
PCHS Concert Wind & Percussion Instruments $385,000.00 Current inventory is out of date. Amount is variable. Bret Hughes
PCHS Theme Renovation $25,000.00 HS building quotes are misquoted, poorly punctuated, and attributed to the wrong author. Replace with student artwork, classic artwork or local art. Bob O’Connor
PCHS Marching Band Uniforms $32,000.00 Additional unifirms needed to accommodate growth of the program. Approx $400 per unit. Bret Hughes
PCHS Greenhouse $15,000.00 Addition to small green house to support high-level science and environmental scienve classes and clubs. Bob O’Connor
PCHS New Gym Floor $120,000.00 Gym floor is warped and does not meet DIN 2001 standard increasing the likelyhood of injury to athletic teams and PE students. Jamie Sheetz
PCHS New Flagpole at Dozier Field $10,000.00 Current Flagpole is in poor condition and is not appropriate in size for venue and is not illuminated. Jamie Sheetz
PCHS Dozier Field South End Zone Area $150,000.00 Condition of grass and long jump area make it hazardous for foot traffic and general use. Need to match existing turf. Jamie Sheetz
Eccles Install Snow Guards on Metal Roof $50,000.00 It is a Safety hazard and needs to be done. Colby Pearce
Eccles Robert Juliat Incandesant Follow Spots $30,000.00 Will replace the failing spots which are original to the space Dave Hallock
Eccles HDCP Compliant Projector $65,000.00 Will allow the showing of films which have been encrypted Dave Hallock
TMJHS Level the Floors in Classrooms 8, 35 and 39 $300,000.00 These rooms are not conductive to great teaching we no longer have computer labs and we need flat nonstepped classrooms. Dave McNaughtan
TMJHS Connect the Two Hallways heading South $500,000.00 Reduce congestion allowing students to get to class in a safer more orderly fashion. Dave McNaughtan
TMJHS Lecture Hall Attached to the new Hallway $650,000.00 Need a place for the whole staff to meet and a place where we can put multiple classes at the same time. Dave McNaughtan
EHMS Storage Cabinets for sports Gear $25,000.00 We have no storage for student spot bags and gear.This creates a safety hazard in our common area and halls. Traci Evans
EHMS Replace Counter tops in Media Center and Various Classrooms $40,000.00 The counter tops are original, they are cracked, bowed and breaking. Traci Evans
EHMS Add Windows that Open in Classrooms along the South West Side of the building. $15,000.00 Because the sun constantly shines on these rooms they become exceedingly hot in the spring and fall. There is no circulation. Traci Evans
EHMS Add Lane to Main Driveway Entrance into School $50,000.00 Main driveway needs another lane continuing problems with traffic. Traci Evans
EHMS Finish Landscaping around building $60,000.00 The natual landscaping around building has overgrown and is very hard to maintain. Todd Hansen
EHMS Increase Parking on North East Side of School $100,000.00 Parking is very limited building new lot will add about 80 parking spaces. Todd Hansen
EHMS Salter for Bobcat Skid Steer $5,000.00 Salter for skid steer will save time Colby Pearce
EHMS Replace 2ea. Double Ovens $60,000.00 Ovens are 20 years old and are no longer cost-efficient. Elizabeth Strasser
Aquatic Center Repace All Door Hardware around Pool $25,000.00 Over the years chlorine has rusted all door hardware and needs to be replaced Colby Pearce
Aquatic Center Rennovation and Remodle of Basement Classroom $150,000.00 This room is used for classes, meetings and confernces this room is not safe and dose not meet code. Todd Klarich
TSES Install Carpet over VCT Tile in Hallways $98,000.00 Floors are extremley slippery when wet. Robin Williams
TSES poster Printer $6,000.00 Needed for teacher projects Robin Williams
TSES New Lunchroom Tables $35,000.00 Tables are falling apart and need to be replaced Robin Williams
TSES Need tables and big Rugs for Kindergarten area $8,000.00 Need tables and Rugs for Kindergarten area Robin Williams
TSES Install Water Softener on Hot and Cold Domestic Water. $50,000.00 Water in Park City Is very Hard and is extermely hard on pipes and all kind of kitchen equipment. Todd Hansen
TSES Install WaterHog Carpet in all Entryways $10,000.00 This will prevent slip and fall accidents Colby Pearce
JRES Projector Updates $22,500.00   Joe Stout
JRES Need Storage Room built for Bobcat Outside of School $50,000.00 Currently Bobcat is parked by the Kitchen and exhaust from the Bobcat is going into the cafeteria. This dose not meet fire code. Colby Pearce
JRES Install Windows in the three Kiva Spaces $15,000.00 The Kivas are now bing used as offices and classrooms throughout the day. Shawn Kuennen
JRES Replace Carpet in Classrooms, Hallways, Media Center. $162,000.00 Carpet is reaching the end of their useful life. Shawn Kuennen
JRES Provide Emergency Exit Through the Back Fecne to the Transportation Building. $10,000.00 The Transportation Building is where we will relocate our students in the event of an emergency. We need a direct route in case of urgency. Shawn Kuennen
JRES Replace Wood Chips in Kindergarten Playground with Rubber Surface $50,000.00 Safety and Cleanliness Shawn Kuennen
JRES Replace Steamer in Kitchen $15,000.00 Steamer is worn out and hard to get parts for. Elizabeth Strasser
JRES Install Fence Around Perimeter of School $30,000.00 There is just open space around school would like to install fence to protect the kids. Shawn Kuennen
MPES Replace Classroom Counter Tops and Sinks $126,000.00 The Counter tops and sinks are 23 years old and are in pretty rough shape. Greg Proffit
MPES Replace Counter Tops ubove lockers in Hallways $40,000.00 The Counter tops and sinks are 23 years old and are in pretty rough shape. Greg Proffit
MPES Paint Halls, Door Frams and Mulipurpose Room. $6,500.00    
MPES Need 2ea. Cordless Backpack Vacuums and 2 Extra Batteries $5,000.00 This will help us be more productive not pulling around a cord. Glade Givens
MPES Add Sidewalk Around Parking Lot $50,000.00 Add sidewalk around parking lot for safety Todd Hansen
MPES Install New Doorknobs in School to meet ADA Regulations $25,000.00 The round doorknobs do not meet ADA regulations Todd Hansen
MPES Need new Dishwasher for School Lunch $23,000.00 Dishwasher is worn out and needs to be replaced Elizabeth Stassser
PPES Add 30×20 Storage Building on to School $100,000.00 They are using the stage and boiler room for storage. Need place to store desks, tables, chairs and other supplies needed for the kids. Dave Gomez
PPES Remove Curtain and Build Insulated Wall Between Pre-School Rooms. Add Wall Between Library and Classroom. $8,000.00 The curtain does not work as a sound barrier for the two classrooms. Dave Gomez
PPES Add Insulated Wall and Door Between Library and Classroom $5,000.00 Need additional classroom space. Dave Gomez
PPES Replace Carpet in West Side of School $181,000.00 The carpet is 15 years old and needs to be replaced Dave Gomez
PPES Repair Retaining wall around Kindergarten Play Area. $450,000.00 Wall is deteriorating Todd Hansen
PPES Replace Playground Equipment in South Playground $40,000.00 Plastic coating on equipment is coming off and causing safety hazard. Todd Hansen
JRES, MPES, PPES, Replace Remaining Waterless Urinals with Lowflow $80,000.00 Waterless Urinals have a noxious oder and filters are very expensive Colby Pearce
District Office Replace Carpet Complete $35,000.00 Carpet is 16 years old and looks bad. Todd Hansen
District Office Redesign Parking lot to park more cars $100,000.00 will not hold enough cars Todd Hansen
District Office Repaint areas as needed $20,000.00 Paint hallways and stairways Todd Hansen
District Office Office Update $15,000.00 We have a room that was used as a network room that we would like to turn into a couple of offices. Joe Stout
Maintenance New Maintenance Truck $50,000.00 Replace truck 235, Service body, snowplow, salter Colby Pearce
Maintenance In bed Salter $10,000.00 Salter that will hold a lot of salt will save time and money Colby Pearce
Transportation 2ea. New Schools Buses $320,000.00 Replacement Cycle Todd Hauber
Transportation Remodel Office $200,000.00 Improve work place and efficiencies Todd Hauber

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