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Loco Lizard Restaurant Inspection

Summit County Health Department inspected Loco Lizard on 10/14/2014. We have created a page on how to read the Inspection Report. We’ll highlight the things that may be of interest. Please read the full report below for a complete and accurate report.

Good Practices:

  • In use utensils properly stored
  • Physical facilities installed, maintained and cleaned


  • Steak / Walk-in 43º
  • Shrimp / Reach-in 27º
  • Seafood Mix / Cold-hold 45º
  • Pork / Hot-hold 162º
  • Chicken / Hot-hold 150º

Observations and Corrective Actions:

  • Don’t store dirty utensils on wall
  • Clean ice machines, floor drain, cover for light dry storage
  • Sanitizer isn’t entering dishwasher
  • Clan microwave every 24 hours
  • Use gloves with ready-to-eat foods
  • Front Reach-in above 41º

The Entire Inspection Report Can Be Found here


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