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Have we already forgotten what we are fighting for?

And like a light-switch, it turned back on. It’s as if people had forgotten why they spent the last six weeks in quarantine.

It’s crazy out there today.

Parking lots crowded. No social distancing.

Trailheads packed. No social distancing.

Herds of teenagers walking together three inches apart. No social distancing.

Soccer practices going on. I’d like to say ‘no social distancing’, but seriously… WTF?

The nuance appears to be lost on many people. So, let’s write down a date three to four weeks from now. Let’s go with May 24th to June 1. If we see a spike in Covid-19 cases at that point, we can conclude that our leaders screwed-up. Yeah, there are financial pressures, but we’re playing the long game here.

That said, perhaps case numbers won’t accelerate at that point. If so, maybe social distancing isn’t so important anymore, and we can go back to licking the handrails at Redstone 8.

If I had to bet, I’d bet on the former. Just like the Powder Buoy in the winter, seeing what happened today tells me a storm is coming in a few weeks.




I’ll take your bet, this disease will take its path. We bought precious time for the medical profession. No one has this response perfect for every German method there is a Swedish counter method. At some point life has to go forward….time will tell if we made the right moves or not….but I wouldn’t condemn PC society right out the gate…


You could be right. Frankly, I hope you’re right. That’ll give me more confidence that summer camps will open this summer and school will go on next fall.

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