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A Scathing Op-ed on Envision Utah

You may have heard of Envision Utah. Their mission statement says “Envision Utah engages people to create and sustain communities that are beautiful, prosperous, healthy and neighborly for current and future residents.” I first heard of the group during KPCW’s Local News Hour. A representative from the organization has appeared a few times encouraging Parkites to take a survey about what is important to them about the Utah environment. I have to admit, it sounded pretty good at the time.

This morning a Friend of the Park Rag emailed an op-ed by Brooke Jennings from yesterday’s Salt Lake Tribune. If even half of what Mr Jennings says is true, it casts a lot of doubt on the organization. Mr Jennings’ main contentions are:

  • The survey Envision Utah will use to drive change frames questions in ways that will cause citizens to choose the outcome that Envision Utah wants.
  • The survey was conducted by Cicero Group, and that their business includes “shaping public opinion in favor of corporate interests.”
  • That the president of Envision Utah, Robert Grow, was previously vice chairman of the Utah State Economic Development Board and was on the Board of Directors of the National Association of Managers and the Utah Manufacturers Association.
  • Envision Utah’s real mission is to create the appearance that Utah public opinion supports industrial interests.

If this topic interests you, you should read the op-ed and form your own opinion on whether you agree with Mr. Jennings’ contentions. If you do agree, you may then also be concerned about how Park City government is working with Envision Utah.

Park City Council Member Tim Henney and Park City Mayor Jack Thomas, along with the aforementioned Robert Grow, gave a presentation about Envision Utah. You can read that here.

h/t to the person who pointed us to the op-ed and the presentation by Park City officials on the topic


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