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Am I an idiot for taking the bus?

So, my sister is in town and she has dinner reservations at Handle at 7 PM. I am planning on meeting her and taking the bus. I’m in Jeremy Ranch but I am going to drive to the KJ Transit Center. Buses leave every 10 minutes. So, I should be fine, right? I’ll check in along the ride.

Update 6:10pm

Arrived kJ. Planning on taking one of the electric express (ee) buses that run every 10 minutes. One ee bus is here but no driver.


Another ee bus arrives. Someone asks why it is 50 minutes late. Driver says everything is screwed up.


Driver opens up first bus and directs us on. She tells bus driver that it took 45 minutes outbound but inbound should be faster.

6:19 pm

And we are off. 9 minute wait isn’t too bad.


Arrive. Not bad. Traffic inbound seemed light, but that’s great. Also, since Handle is across the street from the transit center, it is almost perfect.


Outbound on another bus. Had to wait about 5 minutes.


Arrive at the KJ Transit Center.


All in all it was a good busing experience. It sounds like earlier, that the outbound buses from PC were way delayed but I didn’t experience that. I found the buses almost empty. While that may not be good overall, it made for a pleasant trip.


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Steve Joyce

I was heading from a meeting in Prospector towards DV at about 6pm yesterday. Traffic was a mess. Moving, but slowly and bumper to bumper. Oddly enough, it seemed full in all directions rather than just people heading out of town. I don’t know what a bus can do in that traffic other than further down 224 where they are allowed to run along the shoulders.

Something to remember: the bus may be moving along slowly , but the alternative was a 30 minute, frustrating drive which normally takes me only 10 minutes. I wish the bus came up to our neighborhood.

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