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Another Plug for the Park Record Digital Edition

A few months back, I had written about how I started using an ad blocker on my iPhone. This effectively blocked most ads on the Park Record website. However, I didn’t feel good about reading their content without at least “paying” something. So, I signed up for the Park Record E-Edition ($48 a year).

A few month later, I absolutely love it. It is the exact format of the physical paper. It’s searchable. Back editions are available. It’s available via iPad, Android, and the web. It’s great. In fact, I’ll be sad if it eventually goes away due to the Park Record’s recent sale to Swift Communications.

Recently, I’ve heard many complaints about late delivery times for the Park Record. The best thing about the E-Edition is that I’ve never woken up on a Wednesday or Saturday and had the paper not immediately available.

So, if you are having problems with getting the traditional paper, or just want something a little more convenient, you may want to give it a try.


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