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Another Reason Why Making Plans for 2040 Just Doesn’t Make Sense

Scientists in the UK have just published research that seems to validate that in about 15 years the world will experience a “mini ice age.” It seems the authors of the study have studied solar activity and have developed an ability to predict changes. These changes in solar activity seem to highly correlate (perhaps even cause) dramatic weather events on Earth.

Their predictions show that solar activity in 2030’s will start to drop off and the earth’s climate could resemble the last mini ice age, from 1645 to 1715. In this period, temperatures were markedly lower than normal. The authors of the study are quick to point out that they don’t know what the climate will be like at that time for sure, due to global warming.

Yet, it’s another example of all the variables that should go into proper predictions — and the fact that no one really knows what 2040 looks like.

The next time someone says our population will double by 2040, ask if their analysis takes into account the impact of lower solar activity in 2030’s. They will like say “what the *^&* are you talking about?” You can ask them the same question.


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