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Are Park City’s kids college ready? Better than most but not perfect.

The Park City School District published the 2014 College Readiness Letter from ACT, an organization that provides a standardized test used by many colleges as a factor in admittance. The really encouraging news is that Park City students were about 25% more prepared for college classwork than their counterparts in other Utah schools. The results varied from 88% of students being college ready in English Composition to 64% being ready in Algebra.

The results get a little more concerning when ACT combined all 4 major areas to determine readiness. In that case 50% of Park City students are college ready in the 4 major areas of english, math, social science, and biology. That’s still far above the state average of 25%.

So relatively speaking, Park City is preparing its students for college. However, about half of all students appear to need to up their game in at least one area once they arrive at university.

The original document is here.



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