Are People Moving In Or Out of Utah?


One of the trends I try to follow is whether people are moving to Utah or whether they are leaving. This is important because it helps to tell us about what kind of growth we’ll see in Summit County. If more people are migrating to Utah, this puts more pressure on us here around Park City, because it is a desirable place to live.

Of course, it’s not the only variable to take into account. There are the number of births, which Utah is generally good at (Park City less so) and people who migrate here from in-state. Take all three and you have a good idea of growth pressure on our area.

Each year, United Van Lines publishes a migration study between states. This is helpful because while the government provides good population given census data, other years are just estimates. The United Van Lines study also provides data on what demographics are moving, which is helpful. So, what does Utah migration look like in 2015, according to United Van Lines Data? In the graphics below, you’ll see that the moving company’s data shows people are leaving Utah.

Below we show the United Van Lines map and the reasons its customers say they are leaving. If you are interested, click this link and you can see how this has changed over the years. It’s pretty interesting to see the people moving in after the Olympics.

Of course, this is one small subset of data. So, that has to be factored in. It also does not account for birth/deaths and in-state migration. However, it does provide some interesting information.





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  • New home building, expanding infrastructure, and increased job growth around Salt Lake City really does not agree with these studies. It is estimated that population will increase 20% in the next fifty years.

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