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Are You or Your Group Against the Park City School District Bond?

I’ve heard that there may be multiple groups forming to oppose the Park City School bond. If you happen to read the Park Rag and are interested in working together, let me know and I’m happy to put the groups in contact with each other.

Also, just to put it on the record, the Park Rag is not pro-bond or anti-bond. There are many good arguments on both sides of the issue. That said, the pro-bond folks have an obvious advantage. So, if I can help even the playing field by connecting people within the community, I’m happy to do that.

So, if you or your group is interested in talking with other people who are questioning the school bond, please email me at and I’ll confidentially pass the information along. If you or your group is interested in supporting the bond, I’ll point you to this Park Record article.


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