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How Basin Rec’s Bond Could Lead To Requiring More Growth

Note: We are writing a series of articles on the Basin Rec Bond. We feel that that the “Pro-Bond” side is getting a lot of press and wanted to provide alternate points of view.

In November, Snyderville Basin residents will vote on a $25 million bond for Basin Rec. If passed, this bond will pay for the purchase of open space, construction of trails, an additional ice sheet, and additions to the Basin Rec field house. It is likely one of these items will appeal to most people.

The cost is estimated to be about $120 per year for a $650,000 house. Yet, that may not be the biggest cost people end up worrying about. You see, bonds like this are issued for purchasing and building things. What they don’t cover is the ongoing cost of maintaining these facilities once built. There is a difference between buying open space which can sit vacant and building something that needs constant maintenance.

So, if this bond passes and the field house is added on to, an ice rink is built, and trails are constructed, those are all things that require more ongoing maintenance than is happening today. Translated, that means more money. Where does that money come from? More property taxes on homes and commercials buildings.

At some point (or some would say already) people get tired of having property taxes raised. What option is left for the city and county? Grow baby grow. It won’t be said directly but you’ll hear things like, we need the Basin economy to expand so we can continue to enjoy all the services we have become accustomed to. It just becomes ingrained in people’s mindsets that we need to approve the next fast food restaurant, hotel, or housing development because we need the money.

Yet, if government only truly bought and built the things that people absolutely wanted, we could limit that. By voting for the bond, it is likely you are contributing to the urban sprawl that so many are really opposed to.


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