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Best Email of the Day… And a bear update

I love when we get reader email. One this morning was very snarky funny. It reads:

“Hey Park Rag. With that bear destroying Jeremy Ranch, perhaps the City Council should have taken that trip to the Bear Sanctuary in Whistler after all. Yours Truly”

I will point out that if you are on the City Council, you just can’t win.

And for all you bear lovers, a reader sent in a picture of the bear.



Some people call it a brown bear… but I’ll call it a Grizzly Bear. That way when the Park Record reports on it on Wednesday, they can have a title like:

Grizzly Gobbles Garbage in Jeremy Ranch

Update: I was looking up grizzly bears and found that the brown bear (or grizzly bear) was last seen in Utah in the 1920’s. So, black bears must be pretty brown when young or this black bear is a species that’s pretty brown (i.e. a cinnamon bear). However, I’ll keep calling it a grizzly. It sounds scarier. As Mark Twain said, “Never let the truth get in the way of a good story.”


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