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PSA: Beware US Marshall and IRS Phone Scams

We’ve had a report of calls from an 801 area code, claiming to be the US Marshall’s Office related to an outstanding warrants, demanding that fines be paid. This is similar to the typical calls received this time of year from people claiming to be the IRS, demanding money.

Do not fall for the scams. Do not give out personal information. This is not the process that the US Marshall or IRS uses for collecting money.

Of course, if you think the call may be legitimate (i.e. you could have a warrant out or you may owe money to the IRS) but you are not sure, then I would recommend hanging up and calling the Summit County sheriff’s office (in the case of the warrant) or the IRS directly and they will help you figure out the reality.

It is always better when YOU initiate the call.

The Summit County Sheriff’s number (non emergencies) is: 435-615-3600

The IRS number is: 800-829-1040



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