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‘Blood and Oil’ on Life Support After Week 2

I was driving back from Heber yesterday and came upon the back side of Park City Film Studios. Never before have I seen such a fine collection of trailers in one spot — and I assume they are mostly there due to ABC’s ‘Blood and Oil’ production taking place at the film studios. If you want the opportunity to see it for yourself, you better hurry. It looks like ‘Blood and Oil’ may not be long for this world.

TV By the Numbers reports, “Two weeks in, ABC’s scripted shows collectively are doing better than any of their network brethren… Even the critically pilloried “Dr. Ken” scored pretty well in its premiere. Which isn’t to say there aren’t some trouble spots. Newbie “Blood & Oil” dipped in its second week, downgrading it to a likely cancellation.

So it appears the movie studio will likely be looking for a new production to take up residence sooner rather than later. Unfortunately, that’s likely harder to find than it sounds. I hope the studio made some good money and negotiated a good cancellation clause. Otherwise, as often is said in a show that’s not about to be cancelled…

Winter is Coming.




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