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Bravo Vail on Withdrawing Trademark Application

Jay Hamburger and the Park Record is reporting Vail is withdrawing its trademark application. The reason, according to the press release was “This has clearly become a distraction that is pulling our collective focus away from the important work that lies ahead for our city on critical issues, such as affordable housing, parking and transit among others. As such, we have decided to withdraw our trademark application in an effort to move beyond this concern.”

So, kudos Vail. You did good today. Lot’s of people warned us that that wasn’t possible. We know you’ll likely still market the resort as Park City, outside of Park City. We know you still hold a lot of power with what now happens in our community. We know that you will bring as many visitors as is humanly possible to our town (we see that as a bad thing)… But we also know you are reasonable.

For that, we thank you.

I guess now I can buy my Epic Pass. I wasn’t going to and I’m sure a lot of others weren’t either.

We’ll also be updating our page to reflect the events of what happened over the last few months. However, at least as of now, it appears it won’t have a bad ending.




Classy move there. They would have easily won in court… but not the court of public opinion. Kudos to Rock and the Vail crew.

Now, who wants to come ski at my new “Park City” ski area? 🙂


Hmmm, maybe I’m being paranoid but Vail’s comments seem to be saying, “we are dropping the patent case because we still need to build a transit center and housing for our employees and this move will generate goodwill.” Good luck to Jeremy and Pinebrook.

john rex

I agree with your take on Vail’s move here. That’s exactly what they said, they don’t want this trademark dispute to distract from their agenda of getting the taxpayers to build the transportation and employee housing infrastructure for their benefit. Socialize the costs, privatize the profits. The truth is Park City does not need more people than are already here to come to PC for the community’s economic success, and bringing more people here will actually degrade the qualities that make Park City so attractive in the first place. The idea that growth is inevitable needs to be re examined by the community. We do not owe Vail a return on their investment.


I completely agree with you John Rex. Frankly, I’m surprised they still didn’t bully their way through it anyway but I am NOT one of their fans…I believe they are going to turn us into “any ski town, USA” whether or not they drop the trademark issue. Vail’s bullying their way through a loop hole into acquiring PCMR, in my opinion, has been one of the worst things to happen to our community and it’s identity. We should just rename ourselves a symbol “formerly known as Park City.”

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