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Buses Are for Other People

This morning on KPCW we heard from Leslie Thatcher that an article had been sent to government officials that basically said that “people love buses … as long as they aren’t the ones riding in them.”

Especially in an upscale environment like Park City, it is important to understand what people actually will use versus what we wish they would use. We could put 1,000 buses on the road between the airport and Park City but would the average family from Chicago ride in a bus? The truth is no amount of marketing or parking fees is going to get that family in a bus. The Chicago family is already paying $800 a night at the Montage (and probably $30 a day in parking). They don’t care… and most importantly won’t ride a bus. No matter how much we wish they would.

Here is the document that was sent to our government officials (click the image for a bigger version — you may need to click again once you are looking at it to make it really big):



h/t to the Friend of Ours who forwarded us this document


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