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Be careful if you brand your car and drive like a jerk

One of the trends around Park City is branding your car. You’ve probably seen the cars around town with decals plastered across the car, magnetic signs on the doors, or signs in windows.

They may be advertising their property management company, their coffee shop, their landscaping company, or any of a hundred different businesses.

However, we wonder if people realize that marketing works both ways.

It’s like walking into a shop on Main St and having an employee treat you like crap, the store is reflected in a negative way. When a driver, who had a branded car, acts in an inconsiderate way, it negatively reflects the brand.

We saw that about five times this morning during a ten minute drive.

Of course, at times, I’m sure we aren’t the best drivers in the world. The difference is that we don’t have enough money to pay for a car and put “Park Rag” signs all over it.

If you do, you should be aware that inconsiderate driving WILL impact how people view your ACME Pilates business, or whatever your car is pedaling.



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