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Summit County’s response to 2nd Covid-19 patient leaves us in the dark

FYI, a second person in Summit County, under 60, has Covid-19. If by some luck of nature the Summit County Health Department knows you were at the same place as him/her you will be notified … Sure.

Frankly, this is crap.

Instead, they should be listing times and places where the individual ventured. Were you at Smith’s 30 minutes after this individual was there?

Do you have a fever? No. Great!

Do you have a fever? Yes. Get tested for Covid-19 immediately. Limit the spread.

It’s as if our Health Department went to Google and searched, “How do you handle a Pandemic?”. The problem is that it does us, residents, a disservice. I get it. The Health Department doesn’t want to create panic, hurt local businesses, or cause alarm. Yet, this is the sort of action that will lead to larger consequences.

Don’t get me wrong. I think Rich Bullough, who heads the department is good at his job. I have met many employees there and they are caring, wonderful people. Yet, how they handle this mess will define a career.

My view is that residents need all the information we can get. We need it detailed. If I feel sick, have a fever, and have been at a location at a time when a Covid-19 carrier has been there, it will influence me to be tested — which is the right outcome.

Instead, if the Health Department tells me that someone under 60, somewhere in Summit County has the virus, and they have been lots of places, but they can’t tell me where or when it doesn’t do me or anyone else any good.

I don’t need personally identifiable information, I just need to know whether I likely soaked up their germs at the Fresh Market. Then I can self-isolate.

The Health Department can’t do it on their own. They need your help. They need my help.

Help me… help you.


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