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Citizen Rails Against PC CAPS Program

In Tuesday’s Park City School Board meeting, a citizen who represents some members of the Park City High School PTO and Community Council spoke very critically about the school’s PC CAPS program. Her main issues were:

  • Seems to be claims by parents and students that haven’t been followed up by the school district
  • Enrollment is flat, yet additional funds are being poured into the program
  • Students were denied withdrawal requests in order to keep the program’s headcount up
  • In the 2015-2016 school year, enrollment in PC CAPS is up slightly but that’s due to the addition of sophomores
  • There are unsubstantiated claims that PC CAPS has helped students get into colleges when their grades and SATs were low. The citizen said they had contacted the program’s director multiple times to get proof of these claims but have never received anything
  • Believes the program’s director has written negative things about traditional education on a personal blog and believes that goes against what our school’s are emphasizing

All in all, it was a pretty scathing attack.

The School Board’s response to this Public Comment (in written form) was:

“Concerns were brought forth regarding budget and enrollment of the PCCAPS program. A request was made for a full review of the program. The superintendent, under her administrative duties, will provide a report to the governing board in an upcoming meeting.”

So, we’ll be watching for that report.

Below is the video. The citizen’s comments start at approximately 1 minute in and last 3 minutes:




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