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Comments can now be made on stories

The Park Rag is about to do the stupidest thing in its history, and we’ve done plenty of dumb things. We’ve had requests from a few people across the community to be able to comment on stories. We’ve resisted this for a long time because, well, comments rarely add value. At best no one comments and at worst it reminds us of middle school — and we hated middle school.

However, we do believe there are those in the community that have valuable input to share (like our first guest editorial this week). So, there is the potential for our community to become stronger through a civil discourse FOCUSING ON ISSUES. We aren’t opposed to conflict. On the contrary, we think there have been too many rainbows and unicorns floating around Park City for years, and in some respects Nero fiddles while Park City burns. What we don’t want is the typical name calling, yelling, and rudeness found many places.

If we can all treat this like we are 40 years old, speaking to our mother face-to-face, and explaining logically why she really needs to take her diabetes medication, that will serve us all well. If not, life is too short. We frankly don’t want the reputation that ensues from a bunch of jackasses ruining this for everyone.

So, if you click on a story, at the bottom of the page, you will see where you comment. The first time you comment, it will be moderated.

We will give this a few weeks to see how it is working out. We hope this grows into something useful, but we aren’t counting on it. Please surprise us.

-Park Rag


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