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The Winner Takes it All: Congratulations to Mandy and Meredith on the Park City School Board election

The final votes for the school board election were tallied, and I lost.

I lost by 22 votes. I always say it, and I often repeat it — the most important elections are local. It’s what impacts us every day, and it’s something we actually have a say in. Thank you to everyone who voted — no matter how you voted. So now it is up to Mandy (Pomeroy) or Meredith (Reed) to find the change we need in our school district.

If you have kids in the district, you may wonder about unreported child abuse and how that impacts your children. If you don’t have kids but pay taxes, you may wonder why the school district didn’t allow tax levies to drop off as they should have — thus increasing your taxes. Either way, you may wonder about cost overruns that seem to be happening.

You may also wonder about whether all decisions of the school board are discussed openly. You may watch meetings and wonder how all school board members came to a consensus without talking about it in an open meeting — which, of course, doesn’t seem right (or legal).

You may ask if our school Superintendent, with only 4,600 students and 7 schools, should be compensated at nearly half a million dollars per year and gets a house and gets a car.

If you REALLY care, you may ask why our caucasian students have such a good outcome, but less than 25% of our underserved students are proficient in math and English.

There are so many questions for our school district.

As I tell my kids, who try to make me feel better about my loss, “I’ve been complaining for a decade. At least I tried to do something.” Now, Meredith and Mandy have a greater responsibility. They have to actually fix it. Execution is always harder than ideas. God Speed.

There are no good or bad ideas. There is only execution.

If you are reading this, you likely care about what happens with Park City Schools, too. I would encourage you to delve deep into the issues over the next few months. The next election is huge. Two seats are up for election and the choices we make will influence the future direction of the school district.

Incumbents include Mandy Pomeroy and Erin Grady. Challengers include Meredith Reed and Nick Hill.

Do you like the School District you’ve got? If so, you have a couple of people to vote for. If not, you have a different direction that you can go.

As Thomas Jefferson said. “The government you elect is the government you deserve.”

Good luck out there.




I wish I could have voted for you! Agree with what you’ve said in the article!

Vote FOR Students & Teachers

Before Summit County had counted all the votes, Merideth Reed said this

“Throughout the remainder of the campaign, I will continue to advocate for accountability to voters, open meetings, and be a staunch supporter of our educators, staff, and students.”
(She understands there is work to be done, is already working behind the scenes, and tells us what and who she will advocate for.)

Before Summit County had counted all the votes, Josh Mann said this

“If I don’t make it, I hope that at least I raised some issues that need to be discussed for the election in November.”
(He did, and he continues to raise issues that need our attention, as in this article. He’s humble about the pending election results.)

Before Summit County had counted all the votes, Mandy Pomeroy said this

“I am just thrilled beyond measure to move into the General Election, and look forward to being elected to the Park City School Board and serving district 4 in the most positive and prolific way I can”
(She assumes she is elected before all the votes are counted and also assumes she will be elected to the board in November. She doesn’t tell us what she will improve on. What do the words ‘positive’ and ‘prolific’ mean in the context of serving a district that loses teachers, district office staff, and administrators under this superintendent and board like water through a sieve and is under criminal indictment? So far she barely speaks about important issues, like unnecessary budget increases, and votes along with the whole group of her friends on the board, like the others who follow the leader without thought. Is that what we want as a community? As taxpayers? As parents whose children go to schools that have proven to be unsafe over and over again?)

Think about your votes in November. You WILL get who you vote for. Meredith Reed is the only option for anyone who wants to see more openness, more honesty, professionalism, actual discourse in public, and integrity in a school board member. Not someone who goes along to get along with status quo, same, same, laughing with friends on the board while the house burns down and children get hurt.

(P.S. Just because your child is doing okay at school this time doesn’t mean it won’t be your child who gets hurt next time. There will be a next time.)

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