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Pedestrian Connection Being Built Between Jeremy Ranch and Pinebrook

I heard today from Summit County’s new Transportation Director that work was about to being on a walking/biking connection between Pinebrook and Jeremy Ranch. I don’t have much information other than work should begin in 3-4 weeks, it will initially be an above ground connection, and later it may be a tunnel. This will be a great addition for those of us living in the neighborhood and has to make the Park City Pedestrian woman, who has been fighting for this for years, at least moderately happy.

When I hear more, I’ll let you know.




Well this is good to hear. I hope they plan to work on the driving part of the connection as well, as the underpass (Pinebrook Blvd.) that connects the two four-way stops (where people do stop at times) is one of the most dysfunctional and unsafe roads in the Park City metro area. Cars cannot exit I-80 during peak times due to the volume of north/south traffic, and the speeds that cars can reach after passing through the 4-ways is frightening. There has been one recent death in this location already. In addition, the roundabout at Jeremy Ranch can be backed up with 30-40 cars, and block any other traffic trying to enter.



I am pretty sure they are doing a roundabout study this summer. I think the plan for next summer (should all go well) is to put in two massive roundabouts )one on the pinebrook side and the other on the Jeremy Ranch side) that handles all traffic entering or exiting I80.. So, that should be interesting to watch.

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