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County Considering Expanding Allowed Uses and Square Footage at Old Meacham Jeep Site

On February 25th, the Summit County Council will hold a public hearing to discuss increasing the types of uses and the amount of square footage that is available at the old Meacham Jeep site. Meacham Jeep’s site is now occupied by Professional Care Auto Works and sits on the east edge of the Burt Brothers facility.

Since this is a public hearing, the county would like to hear from you if you have an opinion. Some reasons you may be FOR this proposal include:

  1. This will allow potentially more types of businesses, that could be more successful. This would provide more tax dollars to our community.
  2. Since this is a commercial area, many people feel the owner should be able to do whatever he wants with the property.
  3. The area has changed dramatically since the Jeep Dealership was there. You may think that the old rules should no longer apply.

Some reasons you may be AGAINST this would be:

  1. If this building is a successful, there will be more traffic on Rasmussen Rd … which is two lanes and isn’t equipped to handle more traffic.
  2. There is a daycare in the Burt Brothers area already. Expanding traffic could endanger children.
  3. More traffic along Rasmussen, so close to the new trail that was built along the road, could endanger trail users.

One interesting thing we found is a street view of this area from 2007. It’s amazing how much it has already changed (and probably for the better). You can click around the image below and see what the area used to look like.

If you have a strong feeling either way about this area, you should let the Summit County Council know. We’ll provide an update when we hear more about proposed details.



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