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Your County Needs Your Help

Over the past couple of years, Summit County (and the Snyderville Basin Planning Commission) have been working towards completing Phase 2 of its General Plan. The General Plan lays out the concepts that drive “what should be built where” in the Basin. The General Plan, once completed, is then used to update our development code. The development code is the legally binding document that controls and enables development.

A couple of weeks ago, an open house was held to try and explain the thinking behind the General Plan. On Tuesday, a Public Hearing will be held in order to get public input on the General Plan and its accompanying land use maps. Many residents we have talked to are up in arms over THE PLAN. However, what we all need to understand is that this is not a “done deal” yet. If it were a baseball game, we would still be in the second or third inning. We, the citizens, have the power to encourage the county to approve the plan, modify its contents, or scrap it altogether.

We firmly believe that both the Snyderville Basin Planning Commission and Summit County are open to listening to our opinions. So, we hope you will attend the meeting at Ecker Middle School at 6PM on Tuesday January 13th. We do have the power to change course. We just have to use that power wisely.


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