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Damn the school tests

We’re gearing up for another school year. If the off season was any indicator, we’re headed for a doozey.

The Park Record headline screams, “Under new school policy, high opt-out rates could sink Park City School District’s statewide grades.”

The first paragraph goes even more dire: “The Park City School District in 2017 was given its first ‘F’ school grade from the state. Thanks to a new decision from the federal government, more failing grades might not be far behind.”

It appears due to new federal laws, children who opt out of year-end standardized test will be counted as 0’s when scores are averaged for the district. Because Park City has a high opt-out rate on tests like SAGE, this would mean our district’s average scores would drop for standardized tests.

Do you care?

Do you need our high school to be ranked #1… or even #25?

Quick quiz…

Question 1: In 2016 what was Park City high School’s ranking of best high schools in Utah per US News and World Reports?

Question 2: in 2017 what was Park City High School’s ranking?

Question 3: In late 2018 what was Park City High Schools ranking?


Answer 1: Not in the top 25 

Answer 2: 1st in Utah

Answer 3: Not in the top 25


Wow, what a difference a year makes. One year the schools are crappy, the next year they are the best, and then they return to crap. Do you believe that?

No, we have good schools. Over 93% of kids graduate. 65% of kids take AP exams. 76% of exams are passed. As is typically the case in Park City, we are fine. Our kids have opportunities. They are surrounded by competent teachers. We have good leaders. It is likely your kids will get a better high school education that you did.

So, please don’t let a Park Record article shame you into forcing your kids to sit for a standardized test. You know more about your kids than anyone.

Maybe a year end test is good for your kid. GREAT. Maybe it’s not. GREAT. Only you and your kids know. 

Final quick quiz… 

Question: What’s the top school in Utah right now?

Answer: Why do you care?



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