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Dana Williams’ Impassioned Speech at the Park City Vail Protest

During yesterday’s Park City Vail Resorts trademark protest, former Park City mayor Dana Williams gave an impassioned 3 minute speech on how our community has a good case against Vail Resorts trademarking the name “Park City.” He told us that “we could always make a deal” but that we should not let them trademark “Park City” from the get to. He also says that he doesn’t think either Vail’s contract offered to local companies or the agreement offered by Park City Municipal were good enough.

Below is that video. I apologize that Dana is only visible for part of it. There were just too many people for us to get close and too many signs being held up to block the camera (both good things). However, give it a watch/listen and you’ll likely come away with the conclusion that it’s not just Park City Municipal and Vail deciding this issue… but it’s our entire community….

That’s a good thing.


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