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Should further detail be provided about school class sizes?

We received a submission from a citizen:

The school board should be required to report on class size and student/teacher ratios for both dual-language and traditional classes. As it currently stands, class sizes in dual language classrooms are capped at 25 students and therefore traditional classroom sizes can have many more students in the class. There is also inequality between class sizes between the different elementary schools. For example, the currently 4th grade classroom size at PPES [Parkley’s Park] is 25 students in each of the two dual language classrooms and 31 students in each of the two traditional classrooms. There needs to be an equitable district-wide policy regarding on class room size.

We agree that having detailed information is important in order to make good decisions. Therefore we support the effort to obtain class sizes and ratios related to dual immersion. We would recommend that this citizen contact the School Superintendent, Ember Conley, at . If you don’t get the run-around she’ll likely forward the info to someone who will get you those numbers. If not, you may consider issuing a GRAMA request using the form below. A GRAMA request enables you to obtain information from government bodies.

State of Utah GRAMA Request Form

You would mail it to Dr Ember Conley at:

Park City School District
2700 Kearns Blvd, Park City, UT 84060

Hopefully the District will be open and get you the information without it becoming a bureaucratic nightmare. If not, the GRAMA request gives you the tool to get the information desired.

Please keep us up to date on your progress. We are sure there are many people throughout our community who want answers to questions and this will be a good learning exercise for us all. Let us know what you find out, how cooperative people are being, and we will post it here.

-Park Rag


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