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Is There a More Disrespectful Group of Dog Owners Than Skate Skiers Who Ski With Their Dogs?

First. We love dogs. We think Park City is a special place thanks to our dogs. We also believe the “war on dogs”, which was started by the Summit County Council a couple of years ago is rightfully over. There’s an off leash dog park that you can actually hike with your four-legged companions and rules regarding dogs have been tightened up (for the better).

All that being said, is there a more disrespectful group of dog owners that those that skate ski with their dogs? Is that a sweeping generalization? Yes. Are their likely some very conscientious skate skiers? Probably.

Yet, we just can’t help but notice how out of control and unmanaged most dogs seem to be with their skate skiing humans. We’re not sure if it’s the extra equipment that they need to put on that causes them to ignore their dogs at trail-heads. Is it too much of an effort to make sure your dog stays close to you, so they don’t end up running in the road? Do you ever wonder why your dog never poops when you are out skate skiing with them? Note, that’s because they do poop but either it’s too much effort to pick it up or they are 2 miles behind you on the trail and you never see it.

So we implore you — skate skiing dog owners. Please be a little more considerate or you’re are going to screw it all up for the rest of us.



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