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Doing the work in Park City…

I’m from Kansas. One of the stories I always remember is that Bruce Springsteen would come through Kansas City and his 1970’s concerts would go until midnight at Memorial Hall. It was real. It was epic. It was four hours of great music, which is unheard of in today’s age

Springsteen put in the work necessary to make a great performance…. and obviously a memorable one.

When we started the Park Rag about 6 years ago (it was called Summit Counts back then), we were warned by a few folks that people in Park City will stand up beside you until it counts, becomes inconvenient, or is a lot of work. They cited the Discovery Core project and noted how the community stood up against a development near Weilenman until the rubber hit the road.

Yes, people are willing to provide money (sometimes). That’s fairly easy. Yes, people are willing to show up once a year to a fundraiser. That’s easy, Yes, people are willing to pledge to Live PC Give PC. That easy. 

For those people, it feels like good…They feel like they have contributed… but have they really?

Our collective experience tells us that time is what really matters. It’s similar to Springsteen. He could have just given money to Kansas City … but instead he gave time. He created something memorable.

Park City needs more of that. We need involvement. 

Thank you to those people who do provide minutes of their spare time to the community. It is more valuable than money. The experiences shared are really priceless.

Yeah, Running with ED buys a new computer for a school. That’s great. But are you creating something? Are you educating? Are you spending more time deciding on what costume to wear than how the school will use the money?

Actually dedicating your time and experience is fundamental. It makes all the difference. It makes our community better. 

We need time spent by the best and brightest.

Without YOU, we are stuck in some morass were we think money will solve all our issues.

Instead, we need your experience. That gives us the best chance of making sure that OUR KIDS’ hometown is a thriving community going forward.

The next generation of Park City won’t look like what you want it to without your help. We hope your help can include some of your time.


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Until those in power in this town get a real set of morals, it’s gonna be hard to make it better than we found it, or even some semblance thereof. Some of us care, put in the time, and still get walked all over by a few elite.

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