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They Don’t Ring a Bell at the Top… but Maybe They Build a Hotel

They say that no one rings a bell at the top of the stock market. There’s a top but you don’t realize it until you are down 20%. Similarly, as most of us know, Park City has had its series of booms and busts too. Yet, as we personally look around, all we see is frothiness right now. We see expansion at the outlet mall. Vail has bought PCMR. We witnessed the expansion at Kimball Junction. Park City Heights is finally started. A new development is underway in Silver Creek. The county wants to add 9 full-time employees to its payroll.

… and a hotel comes to Snyderville. The hotel seems like the cherry on top of the cake. Especially where Park City hotel occupancy hovers in the 30% range.

It just seems that it may be telling us something, if we listen closely enough.




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