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East Creek Ranch Is Better Than Thought

We’ve poked a little fun at East Creek Ranch over the years… from one of their houses in an ad looking like a polygamist compound to questioning the location. This weekend, I had an opportunity to drive around their site that now sports 10-20 homes (in the open area just west of Bells’ gas station).

While I’m not sure I would say the home quality always “looks” like a $700K+ home, I suppose that’s in the eye of the beholder. What I would say is that I’m somewhat shocked by how quiet it was during my visit. I expected the roar of the freeway to make it almost intolerable. That wasn’t the case at all. Perhaps at a different time, noise would increase but there was a steady stream of traffic while I was there and it was a low buzz at worst.

It may be because there is no mountain behind the area to block the sound in and the fact that the houses are a little below the freeway probably helps. Of course, your tastes may vary. So, if you are looking there, please make up your own mind.

All that said, I can envision a time when the area is filled with houses, and families with little kids race between them. Once it’s built out, it very much seems like it could be another area like Silver Summit (Foxcrest Dr, Sagebrook, etc.) where those of us who work here can also live and raise a family. That’s probably not a bad thing.


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