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Mandy Pomeroy’s Response to Park Rag School Board Candidate Questions

Earlier this week I provided questions to each of the Park City School Board candidates. The second response I received was from current School Board member Mandy Pomeroy.

1. Tell us about yourself. How will you help make the Park City School Board the best that it has ever been?

I am a Parent. I am an Educator. I am an Advocate. I am a former elementary school teacher and teacher of the year. I am a mother of three girls who go to school in the Park City School District. I served my community as PTO president at Jeremy Ranch Elementary for 3 years; I am the chair for the Red Apple Gala, the Park City Education Foundation’s flagship fundraiser which raises hundreds of thousands of dollars every year that stays in our community and funds over a hundred programs: our preschools, the arts classes, and after school care. I have worked in higher education and have volunteered at school weekly for many years. I am experienced, passionate and the only candidate with demonstrated commitment to the children, teachers, and administrators in the Park City School District. My efforts on the board will be directed to ensuring we follow laws and create transparency and better communication with families.

2. The majority of Park City families’ property taxes go to the Park City School District. Many of us have had our taxes triple over the last decade. How will you balance ensuring our educators are paid fairly while ensuring taxes are within residents’ means?

As a former teacher, I have a sincere understanding of the needs of our educators. As a full-time resident in Park City for nine years, I also understand the tax implications of living in one of the most expensive areas of the country. This year, I was able to go through the budget process while serving on the board. It is essential to understand all of the pieces involved in that process. As a board, we have opened salary negotiations a year early and increased the housing allowance for teachers and ESP’s.

3. Should the book Fun Home by Alison Bechdel be in the Treasure Mountain Junior High library. Why or why not?

I have not read this book so I cannot speak to it, but if a parent feels it’s inappropriate, there is a process in place to challenge it.

4. The school district has been involved in a number of controversies recently (mask mandates, child abuse, building permits, etc.). Do you think PCSD needs to change? If not, why not? If so, why?

We can always do better! Change will always be necessary to meet the needs of our changing district and community. I will commit to being flexible with that change and stand up for the needs of our teachers, parents, and students.

5. What is one thing you will deliver if elected to the school board?

I am committed to being a voice for all parents. We all want to be heard and know that our children are getting the best education they can. I will listen, and I will represent all constituents.

6. What’s the most impactful memory you have of when you were in elementary school?

My first-grade teacher was one of the most impactful people in my life. She took the time to get to know me and invested in my education. That was the year that books came to life and also the year I knew I wanted to become a teacher when I grew up. I did just that and became an elementary school teacher. My first-grade teacher went on to become an author, and it was an honor to use her books in my classroom, and now with my children.




I think this women needs to bow out gracefully after all she has done with her smeer tactics. you are not in my district lady, but I certainly do not think you need to be sitting on our school board.


She made a pretty big mistake, which we’ve all done. Then instead of apologizing, she doubled down on her mistake. Or maybe tripled down.

So she’d be a perfect fit for the current board, really. That’s the exact behavior we’ve seen from them over the past several years.

No Way No How

She keeps saying she’s a teacher, but I don’t know too many teachers who act like she does. All I can think about is how she used a photo of her opponent’s child at the bus stop to smear her opponent. Then she defended it by saying it was fair use!

What if you’re a parent in the district and you get on her bad side? Do you think your own child would be safe with her in power? I can easily see her temper going unchecked and her doing something stupid that ends up hurting more kids and more parents.

Who cares that she chairs the red apple party. It’s a party. People get drunk, eat crappy food, and get conned into shelling out more money for a district that doesn’t need more money. So what. She’s an insider. That doesn’t make her a great candidate.

If I lived in that part of town, I wouldn’t let anyone like her near my kids, let alone in a space every day where they are supposed to feel safe and to be safe!


Mandy isn’t even her real name, her real name is Samantha Demmert , which is kind of odd because her whole campaign is transparency, LOL, does anyone even know who this woman is ? Last I checked mandy isn’t short for Samantha, just weird 🤔

Hillary J Jessup

I find it interesting that 3 of the comments were made anonymously and don’t even live in her district!
I support Mandy. This is the letter I submitted to the Record:
I am pleased that the Record has stepped in to neutralize the attacks between Mandy Pomeroy and Meredith Reed. The emphasis must be on the candidates and their qualifications. The choice is between politics and serving. No matter our political affiliation we all have a stake in providing the best education our children.
I am the education chair for the Woman’s State Legislature Council. We study the bills being proposed. I have a Ph.D in educational psychology and 50 years of teaching and counseling in Texas,
Mandy has been actively involved with the Park City schools for over 5 years: PCEF board member, Jeremy Ranch PTO President, teacher of the year and chair of the Red Apple Gala. She is a parent, educator and child advocate. Check out her videos on Instagram; she introduces herself and she has 4 endorsement videos which are very informational. It is very difficult to put yourself out in a election (fund raising, contacting the electorate, etc). Mandy is at a disadvantage since this is her first experience running for office. Her passion for education and love of the children is why she has stepped up to serve on the Board.
Meredith Reed is a politician; past chair of the Summit County Democrats, real estate agent, with a graduate degree in public leadership. Her service to the community cannot be questioned. I think it is important for someone running for office to show a track record of participation in the area of interest.
This election season education is a top priority. The lock down of the schools has put many of our children 2 years behind. The concerns about low test scores, gender identification and questionable books in our school libraries are discussions that need to be made with the parents. Mandy believes schools must stick to teaching the basics. Social engineering should be kept out of schools. Mandy has been on the school board for 6 months and deserves a full term on the school board.
Please join me in voting for Mandy!


I find it really bizarre that the Pomeroy campaign has decided to inject national level partisan talking points (ie “social engineering”, etc) to the election, for 2 reasons:

First, these haven’t historically been issues in Park City, nor (as far as I’m aware) are they now.

Second, the district overall is quite liberal and this sort of stuff is (IMO) likely to backfire. It’s a bizarre way to campaign in PC.

The only reasoning I can think of is that these made-up issues are intended to distract from the real issue here, which is not one of partisanship but simple competence. I am really not interested if you’ve got an R or a D by your name – I want you to pull the correct permits, make sure my kids don’t get molested, and tell the truth. The board has failed over and over to show that they are competent. Time for new faces.


Thank God we have a new board!! Hopefully they will demonstrate grace, transparency, and above all morality, which btw should always be on the ballot!! Thank God no one listened to you Hillary🤡🤡🤡

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