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Expanded Run-A-Muck parking is a welcome addition

On any given weekend morning, Run-A-Muck, Park City’s first off-leash dog trail will see hundreds of visitors. It’s one of the shining successes of Summit County in recent memory. Within the last few weeks, that experience has become even better.

While the trails were always great, the parking left something to be desired. The main lot had room for about 10 cars and was always packed. This forced trail users to park across the street and cross a road with speeding traffic headed to and from Utah Olympic Park (UOP). The other alternative was to park along the road which impacted cyclists trying to ride down from the UOP.

Recently Summit County and Basin Rec have expanded the parking for the dog park. Now it’s possible to fit 20-25 cars at the facility. It’s the type of development we like to see. Start with something small, see how it goes, and then expand as demand warrants.

Summit County is doing very well with this property. We hope they keep it up.



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Ahh, yes, the dogs. Defecating and urinating all over Park City. Why, just today I had to throw away a pair of sneakers because my son stepped in some dog poop. Not only do I get to be greeted by a sign of a dog squatting to take a shit but I get to step in it too. But I’m sure it’s all good for the environment. Especially the plastic bags littered all over the trails.

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