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Fake Snow, Real Money: The High-Tech Fight to Save California Skiing

This Bloomberg Business article has great information on the future (and challenges) of the ski business.

Heavenly has one of the most sophisticated snowmaking systems around. If it can’t save its ski season, no one can.

Among the interesting facts presented:

  • In Sochi, for the 2014 Winter Olympics they used Finnish snow making equipment that let them make “snow” up to 62º F.
  • In ideal conditions, snowmakers can fabricate winter at the rate of a foot of snow over 43 acres in just 12 hours at Heavenly.
  • Among the 19 cities that have hosted the winter Olympics—including Calgary, Chamonix, Nagano, and Oslo—the average February temperature is up to 46 degrees, up from 32 in the 1920s.
  • Within a decade, 300 of the 470 U.S. ski resorts could be gone.

That last point is interesting. If the number of ski resorts dwindles, the survivors probably prosper — and it’s usually the big guys who survive. Hello Vail.

Looks like it’s time to double down on that 3rd home you’ve been looking at in The Colony.


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