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Falsifying Time Logs vs Insubordination. How Do You Pick a Sheriff?

It appears there is no Andy Griffith in the race for Summit County Sheriff — there’s not even a Barney Fife. It’s more of a race between Roscoe P Coltrane versus Dirty Harry. Frankly it’s not the choice most of us would wish for.

The Park Record has reported allegations of candidate Justin Martinez falsifying time logs so that he could spend more time at home. They have also reported that candidate Kris Hendricksen allegedly committed insubordination. According to the reports, it was recommended that both should be suspended for their actions.

If you worked at a bank and were hiring a teller, and knew these things, would you hire either one? Yet, one will be sheriff of Summit County.

Allegations aside, they both have years of experience in law enforcement. Martinez worked under and is endorsed by current Sheriff Edmunds while Hendricksen has 30 years of experience and teaches at UVU. Martinez seems to be running on the “the sheriff’s office has done good — let’s continue it and not take a step back” platform while Hendricksen is running on the “we need a new vision platform”. Both make sense based on where they’re coming from.

So, how should you vote? If you like what the Sheriff’s done, then it sounds like Martinez is your man. If not, then it’s Hendricksen. We’re glad to help.

What we do know is that the winner should have a very short leash once elected. In our book they both already have two strikes and need to be monitored closely. Even the whiff of malfeasance should strip them of this important post.

It’s unfortunate that we don’t have a choice with a clearer background. It would feel better to be choosing between the candidate that spends time at the children’s hospital versus the other that dedicates time to the elderly. Yet, we play the hand we are dealt. So, do you want Roscoe or do you want Harry? Oh, and do you feel lucky punk?


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