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Does Five Guys Have the Best Customer Service of Any Restaurant in Park City?

You may know Five Guys. It’s the quick-serve burger joint in Kimball Junction that arrived as park of the area’s latest expansion. They are known for their statement that there isn’t a freezer in the place (i.e. nothing is frozen before you eat it). Yet, that’s not the surprising thing. What surprises us most is that it may have the best customer service of any restaurant in or around Park City.

We know what you are thinking, there is no way a hamburger business could have better service than all the Food-and-Wine-Magazine restaurants on Main Street. We’re not so sure. When you walk into Five Guys you’ll usually hear them say something like “3” customers in the door. Before you get to the counter, they’ll greet you with a smile and ask how you are doing. Once we asked back, “How are you?”. The guy taking our order pointed at the mountains out the windows and said ” how could I be bad with that view?” They take your order, make sure it is right, and provide you your number. When they bring out your food, it’s in a brown paper bag typically with the top folded impeccably to prevent heat from escaping. We’ve eaten at Five Guys at least a dozen times, with pretty complicated orders, and have never had a mistake with the order. The experience is frankly shocking, when you realize these people aren’t making tips and probably not much more than minimum wage.

That’s not to say we haven’t had great experiences at places like Riverhorse and Wahso on Main Street. They stand up equally in terms of customer service. Yet of the restaurants we’ve tried on Main (and we’ve been to most), only a few equal the customer service at the little burger joint in Kimball.

We do get it. Finding good help for a Top 100 Wine Spectator Magazine restaurant is tough. Yet, somehow a chain hamburger restaurant is besting most of the best that Park City has to offer.


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