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Forget Dogs… In Jeremy Ranch It’s Speed That Kills

As many of you know, I live in Jeremy Ranch. It’s an interesting place. It’s where trails, Salt Lake, and Park City meet. While to the greater Park City community, dogs have dominated the headlines. In Jeremy Ranch, it’s far different. Enemy #1 is the speeder.

While I have read three to four editorials in the Park Record about bad dogs owners, the number of people complaining about speeders on a local Jeremy website has reached almost forty. According to reports, the issue started with a local, favorite fox being run over and has expanded to a dog being hit while it was “playing hide and seek with the kids.”

People are taping posters to their garbage cans telling people to slow down. Signs are being placed in yards. The Sheriff has even been called in. It reminds me of the old west.

I would somewhat scoff at the idea of a dog getting hit while playing “hide and seek” with the kids in the road but it is Park City and I did see a Porsche doing at least 50 up the main drag.

I guess there are problems everywhere (some might call them first world problems) but I don’t seem to remember these type of issues when I was growing up. I’m not sure if it’s worse or people just “care” more. May we live in interesting times.



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