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Free the Park City teachers

Schools out … for a while. Well, at least for kids. However, teachers still have to report for the next couple of weeks. From what I have heard, many teachers have already planned out the rest of the year. There is no more planning to do. If they go to school and no kids are there what are they going to do?

Are they planning assignments for next year?

I’m the first in line for fiscal responsibility. A younger version of me might say, “Don’t pay teachers if they aren’t teaching kids!” A few years on, I understand that a break may enable teachers to teach even better.

So, Park City School District, please don’t make the teachers show up to go through the paces at our schools. Give them a break. Let them rejuvenate. If they are called into action after two weeks off, on March 30, so be it. However, for whatever period kids are out of school let teachers think, plan, and get even better. When they are actually called back in late April, they should be ready to go.

If they aren’t better, then they shouldn’t have been our kids’ teachers in the first place.

But for the majority, the break will do them good. As a parent, I ask you to free the teachers. Please give them space. They will come back better than ever.

That will be a better outcome for our kids.


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