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This is what you get for $3 million in Summit County?

Spurred by Tom Clyde’s great column in this week’s Park Record, I just had to visit the new Kimball Junction Transit Center. The Transit Center is the building and bus stop behind the library in Kimball Junction. While Tom had a number of good points about how many people will won’t use it, I have a fundamentally different question.

Is this all you get for three million dollars?

When you walk inside you see a smaller than expected room, with a lot of benches, 50 power outlets, a piano, and a couple of bathrooms. You’ll probably think to yourself, “this is smaller than my kitchen and living room.” It is true that there is a lot of concrete outside and there is a downstairs that the public can’t access. Maybe they are storing the county’s gold or something down there.

But heck, they got the most expensive part for free… the land.

After spending about 10 minutes and seeing no one, I left thinking one thing…

If this is what you get for $3 million, the school district better plan on $50 million for their field house and maybe $200 million for upgrades to the high school.

Just crazy.





I’ve only seen two people at that station once after traveling past on several occasions. It was snowing, cold and windy. I imagined they were thinking what I was thinking the one time I took park city transit. “I’m never taking the bus again.”


The big, long term picture: Vail’s workforce housing in Jeremy Ranch will have transportation to and from work and shopping.

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