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Get ready for traffic heading to the new Whole Foods

I have had a frequent debate with a friend over the location of the new Whole Foods on Landmark Drive. I say the traffic is going to be horrible. My friend says, “I just don’t see that it will add that much traffic.” His point is that Whole Foods by itself won’t crush Landmark Drive.

However, something I read today may sway that debate in my favor. As you probably know, Amazon is planning on buying Whole Foods. There has been much speculation about how Amazon’s purchase will impact other grocers like Kroger (i.e. Smith’s to us in Utah). Today I read an article discussing how Whole Foods (under Amazon) will provide Mercedes for the price of Toyota. Amazon just doesn’t care about a profit.

So, why wouldn’t everyone shop at Whole Foods if they could. Imagine all the cars from Smith’s trying to access the Whole Foods on Landmark Drive on a Saturday. Crazy.

The question we have is how long until Whole Foods moves out near the Home Depot, where they probably should have built in the first place. We’re sure the cost of the new building will tie them to KJ for now…but we won’t be surprised to see them making a move early next decade.





Exactly. Let’s sprawl everything out. Everybody knows, more sprawl = less traffic.

If everything is far is spread out, then there are fewer cars in each spot. It’s common sense, people. I bet that the location near Home Depot will get crowded quick, then hopefully they’ll make a move out towards Rockport. They could pave over that reservoir in no time and think about how little traffic there’d be then.


Wait until the school district builds the 5th/ 6th grade school behind Ecker Hill! An extra 900 kids bussed into that location!

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