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PSA: Give Yourself Plenty of Time in Evanston

If you are one of the hundreds thousands of Utahns headed up to Wyoming to pick some numbers in the hopes of becoming Park City’s first ninth billionaire, give yourself some extra time (or go really early). It is like the Sundance Film Festival hit our poor friends to the north. Reports are there are lines 50-100 people deep to buy tickets.

Just crazy.

That said, if you choose to participate… good luck… but not not TOO MUCH luck. We may be playing too.

Note: this post is not an advertisement or solicitation for participation in any gambling, lottery, game of chance, etc. That would be a class B Misdemeanor in Utah… so like we said above, please don’t play… we’d hate to share our winnings and we think we have great odds of winning at only 293,000,000 to 1.


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