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Here we go again with even more Epic Passes being sold.

On a day where the Dow, NASDAQ, and S&P 500 are getting crushed, Vail Resorts is up over 1%. Why? Simply, Vail has sold 9% more passes, through May 31, than they did in the same period last year. Here we go again.

Last year they sold over 2.1 million more passes by decreasing pass prices by 20%. This year they slightly increased prices; however, it looks like there will be even more people on the mountain. Let’s hope they can find people who actually want to work there.

What’s a Parkite to do? Deer Valley is always an option, but at $2,675 it is a luxury-level purchase for many of us. Snow Basin is a delight but is nearly an hour away. The Cottonwoods are an option, but the traffic is unbearable.

Is the only winning move, not to play?

What are you doing this year?


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We will be sticking with the skinny skis. If we don’t move. I have zero desire to ski pc anymore.

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