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Hideout Utah is a hell-hole that no one should be associated with

Hideout, the town on the banks of the Jordanelle Reservoir, on the Wasatch County side of the map, is attempting to annex parts of Summit County near the Richardson Flat parking lot. Summit County is fighting the effort in court.

Basically, the town of Hideout didn’t plan adequately for services for its residents and now it wants to expand into Summit County. Meanwhile, Mitt Romney’s kid, Josh, and Nate Brockbank want to capitalize on that and build a mixed-use facility around Richardson Flat. Why? Because they want to make money.

The downside to Park City and Summit County is that we won’t be able to exercise planning over any of it. It will only make traffic worse. The shit-show that can be Wasatch County will come within a stone’s throw of Quinn’s Junction. Don’t get me wrong, Wasatch County will still be a problem for Park City in the long run, but this will exacerbate it and accelerate it.

The reason that a city in another county can annex pieces of land in a different county is due to the legislature’s incompetence. It doesn’t make any sense. The Utah Legislature was lobbied to do this a few years ago and the brilliant minds in SLC allowed this. The Legislature may repeal it due to citizen pressure but maybe not in time.

Perhaps Hideout will rule the day and Romney, et. al will get rich(er).

Perhaps not.

I think too often we look to the government for solutions. Maybe the government will find one. Great.

However, if we the people take things into our own hands we can influence things. If real estate agents put the community above their commissions they can influence buying decisions. Perhaps, you don’t show houses in Hideout. It’s your choice.

If you, as an average person, are asked about living in Hideout, you can tell them that everyone hates Hideout. You can tell them that buying a property there is the worst decision that they could ever make. If they live there, they will be a pariah.

If you are out at a bar and someone tells you that they live in Hideout, you can respond, “I’m sorry” and walk away.

To those that have a property in Hideout and say, “This is not fair. It’s not our fault.” I respond with a simple statement:

Control your f****ing government.



Deer Valley Alcoholic

I heard their homes smell like cats but they don’t actually have cats.

A Pinebrook Resident

I’m not sure I understand – is this that barren pit that currently sits at the intersection of 189 and 248 on the exit to Kamas? Where there was a bunch of piles of dirt and now there’s an overflow parking lot?

And someone’s proposing to build much needed retail & restaurants there? And we’re saying instead of that, we’d prefer the barren pit?

I agree with you on most of your comments, but I’m not sure about this one – I’d love if we had more retail & restaurant options that don’t require driving into Park City proper or going to the same 5 places in Kimball.


Hi Pinebrook Resident:

What this ultimately looks like is anyone’s guess — and if it gets annexed, it’s completely out of our control. They’ll promise you a Trader Joes and give you a Gas station with hot dogs. What they have said is 3500 additional housing units and 300,000 square feet of retail. That’s about 5 average-sized Walmarts. That level of traffic would completely destroy the 248 corridor.

If you are looking for more development that has restaurants, I think you’ll get that to the south of Home Depot fairly soon. A developer has been working on a mixed-use project there for a while. I’m not sure where it stands but there’s a good chance it will move forward.


Correction: Someone’s planning to build much-needed infrastructure in someone’e *else’s* property. If Summit county wants development there, we can do it. If Hideout wants a grocery store they 1) should have zoned for that within the land they already have and 2) should have talked to Wasatch county, where they’re actually located.

If I lived in Hideout, I’d be mortified by this. Then again, I’d never live in a McMansion in the middle of nowhere with no grocery store within 10 miles, because I’m not that shortsighted.

A Pinebrook Resident

I understand the jurisdictional argument, I’m just trying to think through the practical implications for those of us who live up here day-to-day.

Would a few additional accessible restaurants & retail beyond the same old stuff in Kimball make our lives better? Feels like the answer is “yes”.

Would it help spread out traffic that currently clogs up Kimball or makes 224 and 248 into Park City proper stop-and-go traffic in the winter? Seems like the answer to that is also “yes”.

If we were talking about building on top of something scenic I’d completely get it (see: Mayflower or the Tech Center or Woodward), but this dirt pit / parking lot is probably one of the least attractive places in the area – doesn’t feel like a huge loss.


Who the hell lives here for restaurants and retail? Move to SLC (or LA) if that’s what you want.

I’d be fine with less restaurants and shopping. I certainly don’t want more.


Walt. Thanks to your comment, I tuned in to the conversation. It was crazy. They started by passing legislation that made the developer liable for the city’s actions. Then they said they wanted to work with Summit County and Park City and they were withdrawing their annexation petition.

Then they started talking about a new annexation agreement because they want a seat at the table in discussions.

Then they continued the conversation, not because they wanted to, but because the person who couldn’t be there or this “special” meeting may need to be given the chance to speak.

I personally wouldn’t let these people manage a fire district, let alone an entire town.


Managing a fire district is pretty serious. I probably wouldn’t trust them to dogsit.


When developers couldn’t get through Wasatch County’s planning process in a timely manner, they approached Hideout City with grand plan to annex everything from existing city limits to the Summit County line. Hideout jumped on the idea, and went on an annexation binge, without a planning/building department or even a single building inspector. The urban sprawl we are seeing now is the result of developers getting their way. In many cases, developers got density/zoning they wanted put in infrastructure and sold off to builders. They won’t be around to live with the mess they created. We have enough problems in Summit count without inheriting Hideout’s.

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