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There are Honest People in Summit County

During many Summit County Council meetings, the County Council approves changes to home values that are reflected in property tax requirements. For instance, a property owner may protest their home’s valuation. While it’s the Assesors job to review these, the County Council makes the final approval or denial.

This week, there is interesting change. A Bellemont at Deer Valley Condominium increased in valuation from $635,000 to $2,750,000. A note next to the entry said “computer dropped a zero s/b $2,750,000. An honest owner called this one in.” What’s the difference in property taxes they’ll pay each year due to their honesty? $19,000. Yeah, we’d call that extremely honest.

We think the county owes these people one… We know it doesn’t always work that way, but if this condo owner ever needed something, and it was possible for Summit County to grant, we’d sure try.



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